This Is Who We Are:

Here's to fightin for the moments that break you, standing on your morals not knowing where they'll take you.
Here's to fightin the thoughts in your mind, may the truth be remembered and the worries behind.
Here's to fightin when you're confused and lost, and taking the path with integrity at every cost.
Here's to fightin for being alive, the ups and the downs and the times that you thrive.
Remember who you are in the struggles you're facing, we all have our fight, that's just you in the making.
Here's to you, here's to me,

HERESTOFIGHTIN is an indie-folk, rock band from Denver, Colorado. The music embodies the reinvention of traditional folk roots to tell the story of young, and eager musicians. 

Thanks for taking the time to listen, and share our music. We hope you enjoy it!

 - Gabe Wyatt, Aaron Campbell

"HERESTOFIGHTIN fluctuates between a soothingly forward-thinking and a gently nostalgic feel.  

Their message is simple, yet multi-faceted: Embrace your truth, embrace the moments that tear you down, only to build you back up again, and don’t be afraid to get a little lost, because no matter what, you’re alive.  

Their mantra, “remember who you are in the struggles you’re facing; we all have our fight, that’s just you in the making” is a fresh perspective for anyone going through a rough patch."

- Bolderbeat

"Perched somewhere between nu-country and alternative rock, HERESTOFIGHTIN is looking to carve it's niche in the realm of updated folk. 

Don't expect to many "Hey-Hos" and ironic bow-ties, however, because the act seems to exude more depth than that. 

We wouldn't be surprised if addictive tracks like "Heart & Soul" or "Ghosts" ends up on a WB evening drama or car commercial one of these days. Wholesome stuff here folks." 

 - Rooster Magazine